Chloe's Euro Trip

Swimming at Lake Como

Zeki and I decided to swim out to the pontoon at Lake Como.

The water was freezing cold. This is because alps surround the lake and their snow caps melt and this water trickles down from the mountains in small streams into the lake.

Once we got to the pontoon, we jumped off into the clear water.

We saw a school of two different types of fish, small and grey ones where we were swimming and big black ones across the other side of the lake at Menaggio.


Me and Zeki are swimming to the pontoon

Chloe and Zeki on the pontoon at Bellagio beach

6 thoughts on “Swimming at Lake Como

  1. Miss Bauer

    Chloe I have loved reading your blog so far. You and your family look like you are having a wonderful time.You are so brave swimming in freezing cold water. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip. Safe travels!

  2. Chris

    Looks beautiful chloe. It sounds like the water would be freezing! Enjoying your blogs Chloe, keep them coming